shuttle-bus-chirashiWelcome to our “Machiya”!

Why not come and look around a traditional town house (the former Kuramata tea store)?

Open January 13 (Wed), 14 (Thurs), & 20 (Wed),
18:00 – 21:00; entry free

The former Kuramata tea store was built 83 years ago, in 1933, but the store began business in the Edo Period. It is now a “Machiya museum”, exhibiting objects which tell us about life in Itoigawa in the old days, including “Watako” (padded clothes for cold weather) and “Hako-makura” (wooden/ceramic pillows for traditional Japanese hairstyles). Please drop in after a delicious dinner!

白馬へお越しの外国のお客様に糸魚川の海の幸を楽しんでいただこうという”ITOIGAWA SEAFOOD SHUTTLE BUS” の運行が2/11までの毎週水曜日、木曜日に始まります。

糸魚川の町屋文化を守り伝える会/Itoigwa no Machiya Bunka wo Mamori Tsutaeru Kai
(Tel. +81-25-555-7275)